Huringa Te Hinengaro

You probably know that there are two parts to your mind - the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. 

You are reading this with your CONSCIOUS mind  (which has a memory span of about 20 seconds).  This part of the mind is like the top of an iceberg, only about 17% of the mind.  

In order to change any thinking, behaviour, attitudes and in fact your life... we have to get into the sub-sconscious mind - the other 83% of the mind.   

  • I'm not good enough, old enough, smart enough, .... and any other "enough". 

  • I can't do that, or that, or that...

  • Why do I keep coming back to the same things that I don't want?

  • Everyone else believes in me - why don't I?

  • How do I move past trauma and find joy? love? possibility?

  • It feels like I'm stuck or there's blockages in my thinking

  • I want MORE than what I that ok?

  • How do i get from HERE to where I really want to be? 

The sub-conscious is where this type of thinking is stored.  BUT, most of the strategies for transformation are targeted at the LIMITED conscious mind.  It can take years of will power to create any real lasting change!  

Huringa Te Hinengaro teaches you to BYPASS the conscious mind and go STRAIGHT to the storage compartment, take some old negative files out, and create and INSTALL new files.  


By doing these techniques, you will CHANGE your thinking QUICKLY and PERMANENTLY - in fact, if you follow this course, we guarantee a completely new outlook in life in only 21 days. 



Lesley Niania is the host for this course and has studied neuroscience, NLP, and success psychology since 2005 and  after applying techniques herself, created this course in straight forward language, using ideas that are easy to understand for all.   

This course has been valued at over $3,000 though we are offering this course at these prices for a limited time. 

We have two options available:


OPTION ONEVideos only$100

You can begin this option at anytime you want.  You will receive lifetime access to the membership training portal and access to the private Huringa Te Hinengaro Facebook community.  Work through the videos at your own pace wherever you want.   

OPTION TWO:  Mentoring.   $300.

 You will receive lifetime access to the membership training portal, access to the private Huringa Te Hinengaro Facebook community and have group mentoring with Lesley 3 x per week over the 21 day period.    

The next mentoring course begins on Monday 6th July 2020 


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