Huringa Te Hinengaro

WAIRUA is always free flowing - always ready - always willing.

But our Hinengaro often gets in the way, pulls the handbrake, sabotages the progress, challenges wairua ideas, and asks whether you can do it, if you are good enough, who do you think you are etc..

We have a brand new course called Huringa Te Hinengaro that is delivered online over 30 days which was created to help people TRAIN their Hinengaro to allow WAIRUA to flow through unhindered.

You will learn a mixture of neuroscience, ancient matauranga, and wairua in language that is easily understood. And in 30 days YOU WILL have noticed a shift in your thinking and be able to catch WAIRUA downloads AS they come, AND, know how to get the HINENGARO to put the plans together!

You will learn how to recognise when the HINENGARO has pulled the handbrake and be able to pull out the tools you have and keep moving!

30 day online course, 30 days of group mentoring, 30 days of videos for $300 for the rest of 2019.

The next course begins on Monday 18th November - delivered by Lesley Niania.  For more information, please email us -

You will need to have internet access, Facebook, and download ZOOM conference calls.


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