Huringa Te Hinengaro

Security Guard

Imagine an event at a venue that is capable of holding 400 people but the security guard will only allow 2 in per hour!  Only those 2 have been on the invitation list and so only they get in. 

There is a security guard or Bouncer in YOUR MIND called The Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it does the same thing - except it allows in 2,000 bits of information out of 400 million! PER SECOND! 

Every single person that is in your life, or situation you have ever been in, and every experience you have ever had is because the Bouncer has LET IT IN!  It has been on the invitation list! 

Yes, it's true!

YOUR MIND has an invitation list for every area of your life. 

  • Your relationships with your lover, friends, parents, family,

  • the amount of money you think you can earn or deserve,

  • your health,

  • your ability,

  • your belief in yourself and so on.  

And there's an invitation list that allows in your thoughts too!  

  • I'm not good enough, smart enough, ... enough

  • why do i keep going back to what I don't want?!

  • what if i fail?

  • what would they think about... my decision, if i said what i think, .. me

  • I'm awesome at doing this! 

The Bouncer has given the VIP treatment to:

  • your current income

  • feeling inadequate

  • fear of failure

  • fear of change 

  • poverty mentality

  • what you think you "deserve"

  • feeling second best

  • undervalued

  • maximum effort, minimum return

  • i'll just wait until... the kids are grown, there's more money, i get a qualification... until you forgot what you were waiting for...


If a new experience or opportunity comes to the entrance of your mind, and the Bouncer can't find it on the invitation list, it will NEVER GET IN! And if the Bouncer dismisses it, you will never ever experience it...  EVER!  

You could spend months or even years TRYING TO CREATE NEW HABIT PATTERNS, years in therapy,  or making "new years resolutions" and never keeping them,  starting something and not finishing...


But unless you tell the Bouncer what you are doing, and unless he gets a new invitation list, YOU WILL KEEP GETTING THE SAME THINGS YOU ALWAYS HAVE.


The fastest and most permanent way to change, is to RE-WRITE THE INVITATION LIST!  


Huringa Te Hinengaro will teach you HOW!





How it works

You have two options:


VIDEO ONLY     $100 for a limited time.  Usually $197

Start at ANY TIME.

You will receive a link to a private video membership portal and every day you will watch a video that introduces you to a new concept and how to put that to use.  Watch the videos as much as you want, whenever you want - even after you've finished the course. 


Each video is between 10 - 25 minutes long and every day there is something to reflect on.  Some days you might have a challenge to complete or some "homework" to do.


You will also have access to a private Facebook community of Huringa Te Hinengaro members where you can ask questions, share your journey, your triumphs, your struggles.


MENTORING AND VIDEO      $300 for a limited time.  Usually $497

Starts the beginning of each month.

When you choose the mentoring option, you will receive all of the above plus you will ZOOM with Lesley (every Mon, Wed, Fri while the course is running).  ZOOM is at 6am NZ time and lasts approximately 45 minutes. 






What will I learn?

The course is divided into 3 modules (3 weeks),  Getting to know yourself, Making things happen, and making things stick! 

You will learn how the transformative parts of the mind work, and how to make it work for YOU in easy-to-understand language with real, every day examples. 

  • the functions and limitations of the sub conscious mind and conscious mind

  • discover how YOUR habits got in and how to create new ones that serve you

  • The Bouncer and it's strategies to keep you safe

  • Cognitive Dissonance and how to make it work for you! 

  • Neural peptides and how to flood your cells with "feel-good" hormones every day! 

  • Biofields of human emotions and frequencies and how YOU can change what you vibe EVERY DAY

  • The science of Resonance and how to change what YOU resonate with

  • How to create new neural networks in your mind to detour past negativity

And this is just the FIRST WEEK! 

There is so much more!  Register now by clicking the link below.