Workshops | Wananga 

Wiremu holds wananga workshops and training programmes throughout the year.  


There are 3 different wananga that are held.

These wananga and workshops are designed for "multiple practitioners and clinicians, for indigenous and non-indigenous mental health workers in different contexts, for clinical leaders, trainees and researchers, counsellors, church leaders and anyone concerned with the mental health and wellbeing of those in their communities.  These sessions move beyond academic information to application of te ao maori principals.  

This wananga is held 4 times per year in the North Island and 4 x per year in the South Island.  This wananga is for those people who have identified as being "gifted" or who are matekite but have not yet fully developed this gift.  Developing Matekite is a 3.5 day noho marae programme.



This is a 3 year programme, with 4 noho marae per year.  Students who have identified as being matekite will work alongside Wiremu and other Tohunga Wairua, in clinical and non-clinical settings.  Students learn to operate in their unique gift for the wellbeing of themselves, their whanau, their communities.


Customised Wananga can be tailored specifically for your organisation and delivered at your workplace.