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Poo Ponds and Chocolate Logs - A step-by-step guide to letting shit go and healing from past hurts and trauma.

This ebook is exactly what the title says!  This book will give you practical spiritual insight and wisdom written in not-so-spiritual, easy to understand language.  

In this book, you will learn:

  • the spiritual impact that storing hurt can have across multiple generations

  • how to gently open up the wardrobes and hidden spaces of your heart

  • how to find the rubbish and keep the good

  • a spiritual cleansing ceremony to finally let go and free yourself and your family for good

  • 5 tips post-ceremony to keep you moving forward

The published version of this book will be available later in 2024.

You can purchase and download this eBook here



Matariki 5-day Challenge

Ignite the spirit of Matariki with our exclusive 5-day challenge and overcome obstacles, bid farewell to limiting patterns and beliefs as you step into the new maori year with the map of the future you truly want for you and your whanau.  Join Lesley Niania and hundreds of others in this virtual dynamic 5-day challenge! 

Click here for the next available date


Huringa Te Hinengaro (HTH) 

Supercharge your life in 21-days with HTH - a transformative video course created by Lesley Niania, Master NLP Practitioner.  Discover cutting-edge neuroscience techniques and fresh strategies to break free from old patterns, conquer self-sabotage, and unlock your full potential in love, health, money, career, business and beyond.  It's the perfect sequel to "Poo Ponds and Chocolate Logs" or a powerful follow-up to the "Undertanding & Developing Matekite Wananga".  

Select your preferred path:

  1. HTH Video Only Course:  Start at your convenience, accessing the transformative content whenever it suits you and work at your own pace.  
    Click here to get started today! 

  2. HTH Personalised Coaching: Dive deep with daily motivational coaching from Lesley Niania.  Join a supportive community on weekday hour-long zoom sessions, tackling the 21-day journey together with accountability.  Share victories, navigate challenges, and unlock exclusive content not found in the video-only option.  Click here for next available date. 

Level up your life with our powerful video courses 
Whether you're starting from scratch or already on your journey, our life-altering video courses serve as your daily roadmap to swift mastery.  Each 10-day video course is meticulously crafted to elevate key aspects in your life:

  • Ata kura - connecting to your divine self

  • Aroha Whakapūmau - creating a loving intimate relationship

  • Whakapūmahara - creating financial success

  • Hauora - creating health and wellbeing (with Siaosi and Micah Lua)

Immerse yourself in 10-days of cutting-edge content that will take your life through to an extra-ordinary level. 

Click here for available dates.

Pukenga Tuku Mahere - Mastering Business - Level 1

Unlock the secrets of financial success with PTM. This dynamic two-day course is tailored for visionaries with ideas but unsure where to begin. Don't put your dreams on hold; join Lesley Niania, a seasoned expert who blends traditional business knowledge with modern online marketing approaches.

No matter your business idea, we've got you covered.  This hands-on workshop is your opportunity to turn ideas into a step-by-step map that will make your dream a reality.  Lesley's extensive background in Business Management and Small Business Management ensures you'll receive comprehensive know-how.  Bring your laptops, and together, let's create your dream today!

Click here for available dates  

Personal Leadership Mastery - 5 day mentorship

Unlock the extraordinary with Lesley Niania, a venerable Master NLP practitioner with two decades of coaching and training mastery.  Secure your spot in an exclusive 5-day intensive, a realm of full immersion and powerful training, available only to those who qualify.

Master your llife in all dimensions - love, money, health, career, business and more.  Immerse yourself in breakthrough neuroscience technology and techniques designed to sculpt not just a quality life but a lasting generational legacy for you and your family.

This course is reserved for the dedicated, those who sense more to life and their destiny.  Five intensive days challenging every aspect of your life on a deeply personal level.  Gain entry to an elite group whose lives have been forever altered by extraordinary breakthroughs.  Click here for next available date 


Te Taha Hinengaro 

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