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Wiremu Niania Cultural Therapy & Training Team 

The Wiremu Niania Cultural Therapy & Training team consists of our Niania whanau - who each contribute their unique strengths and passion to the collective offerings of WNCTT.  From Wairuatanga wananga to the advanced three-year Matanga Mahi Wairua Practitioner training, our team is dedicated to educating, restoring and empowering individuals and families through ancent and elevated spiritual teachings established in Te Ao maori. 

Te Taumata

In our work, spiritual guidance is paramount.  Our Taumata comprises of experts, Tohunga, int their respective fields.  They not only uphold the quality of our delivery and content but also hold our team accountable.  Throughout the wananaga, they generously share their spiritual wisdom with our tauira, enhancing the depth and authenticity of our work. 

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